It's time to enjoy a better
payment experience

Bluechain brings control, flexibility and security to billing & payments - helping you to boost your businesses cashflow, reduce admin and focus on growing your business.

Bluechain transforms your invoice management and payment experience,
making it flexible and seamless

Spend less time managing invoices and more time growing your business

Get flexibility and control over how and when you settle invoices

Improve cashflow and earn rewards by paying any invoice with your preferred credit card

Never miss invoice due dates and avoid late fees

Why you'll love Bluechain

Built to work with the tools you already use

Bluechain connects seamlessly with your existing accounting software -
Pull invoices directly into Bluechain and automatically reconcile them when paid - saving you valuable time and effort.

How it works


Add invoices

Link to your accounting package to automatically see all your invoices, or upload invoices directly to Bluechain (Web or App).


Choose how you want to pay

Support your cashflow and earn rewards by paying invoices with any credit or debit card.
You can also decide whether to pay in full or in parts.


Never miss a payment date

Choose to pay invoices immediately, on the due date, or schedule them for a date that suits you*.


We take care of the rest

Bluechain automatically takes payment on the date(s) selected, your invoice is paid and we even reconcile the transaction in your accounting package. So you can get on with running your business.


Send your bill

Send your bill directly to your customer via email, SMS or the Bluechain app.


Client chooses payment option

They can choose to pay immediately, on the due date, or schedule a date that suits; using any payment method (including credit card). And if there’s a query or complaint, they can raise it right away.


See bill status

You get notified of your customer’s intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule, or reject bills.


Automated reconciliation

We collect the payment from your customer on the scheduled date – and automatically reconcile the transaction to the invoice in your accounting platform.

* invoices must still be settled within the agreed payment terms and deadline

What our customers say

Bluechain just makes good business sense. Having seen how streamlined payments can be, I could never go back to the system offered by my bank.

Andrew Salmon

Business Owner, Rabbithole Cafe

Bluechain provides me with the right mix of control and automation. I can schedule and pay my bills as they come in, and my bookkeeper and Xero are kept up-to-date.

Steve Hazell

Business Owner, NRS Couriers

Using Bluechain reduces our risks as a business while simultaneously allowing us to improve services to our customers and grow our practice.

Karla Hourigan, Crew Leader

MAD Wealth

Payment security you can trust

Bluechain is designed to be more secure from the ground up. Our technology protects your business against payment fraud. Your payment data is never in transit therefore eliminating the chance of someone stealing it

Payment data is never in transit - eliminate the risk of fraud

Bluechain automation reduces manual tasks - reducing errors

Better visibility of invoices means less risk of missed or late payments

Confidence in who you are paying with 'Request to Pay'

UK Pricing

There is no sign up or subscription cost to using Bluechain.
For each payment made through the app or web portal, we currently charge a small convenience fee, depending on the payment method used.
Bank payment
Coming soon
American Express
Visa and Mastercard
Debit card

United Kingdom

Bank Payment
0.25% + £0.50
capped at £2
American Express
Visa & Mastercard
Debit Card
There is no sign up or subscription cost to using Bluechain.
For each payment made through the app or web portal, we currently charge a small convenience fee, depending on the payment method used.

About Bluechain

We are a champion for making billing and paying better for everyone. Businesses deserve to be paid on time while customers deserve to pay in a way that makes life easier for them.

From reducing fraud to making payment and reconciliations simpler, Bluechain is obsessive about making the entire billing process smooth and straightforward.

When it comes to billing, we’re on a mission to make the whole process painless and uncomplicated. And we're growing fast.

In invoice value settled via Bluechain
Individual invoices received in Bluechain
Suppliers paid using Bluechain

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