Bluechain’s payment platform can realise your goals of a “cash-lite” and financially inclusive economy with greater control over data sovereignty, reduced fraud, and lower costs.

One platform. One payment experience.

Only Bluechain can deliver a total solution for all payment methods. Bluechain is a next-gen payment platform that offers central payment networks, financial institutions and the broader payment ecosystem a secure system to streamline all types of payment transactions. Bluechain leverages a new security paradigm across any open network that turns a mobile device into a vehicle for pulling or pushing payments. By addressing costly card fraud for banks, lowering costs for retailers, and safeguarding consumers in every type of transaction, Bluechain delivers unmatched value for every user.

Central banks

Redefine your payments industry

  • Domestic scheme
  • Financially inclusive
  • Cash-lite economy
  • Reduce fraud


New opportunities for growth

  • Earn interchange fees
  • Cut overheads
  • Cut fraud costs
  • Enter new markets


One solution for every business

  • Low-fee transactions
  • Supports all channels
  • No more charge-backs
  • No expensive terminals


Secures every type of payment

  • Pay anyone easily
  • Shop with confidence
  • One app for every payment
  • Pay securely online or by phone

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