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Bluechain request-to-pay (RtP) technology enables businesses and consumers to send, receive and approve payment requests securely over any open channel. Bluechain is a new payments infrastructure, but it also works with the existing schemes, providing a seamless transition from older card-based technologies.

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Bypassing the international card schemes for domestic payments delivers major cost savings to the local industry and ensures sovereign control of all payments data. Each Bluechain domestic payment hub is locally managed and linked to an international backbone for cross-border settlement.

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Bluechain technology is powering solutions for the payments industry around the globe, from request-to-pay (RtP) solutions for acquirers and gateways to domestic payment schemes for central banks and national switches. Whatever the application, Bluechain solutions offer greater security, simplicity and control in every payment situation: in-store, online, billing and person-to-person.

UK-Australia fintech agreement welcomed

The UK-Australia FinTech Bridge agreement, signed yesterday by Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison and the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, is good news for Australian and UK fintechs. The…

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Authorised push payment (APP) fraud on the rise

The introduction of near-real-time payments in the UK, USA, EU and Australia has seen a sharp rise in authorised push payment (APP) fraud. APP fraud involves a deception in which…

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Fraud in mobile payments continues to rise despite increased fraud prevention efforts by merchants

The Mobile Payments & Fraud 2017 Report sheds light on the current status of payments in the mobile channel from the merchant perspective. With over 800 merchants participating in the…

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