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Bluechain request-to-pay (RtP) technology enables businesses and consumers to send, receive and approve payment requests securely over any open channel. Bluechain is a new payments infrastructure, but it also works with the existing schemes, providing a seamless transition from older card-based technologies.

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Payment schemes

Bypassing the international card schemes for domestic payments delivers major cost savings to the local industry and ensures sovereign control of all payments data. Each Bluechain domestic payment hub is locally managed and linked to an international backbone for cross-border settlement.

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Bluechain request-to-pay (RtP) switch overlay delivers a complete range of payment services: push and pull, billing, in-store and online, KYC and payment authentication.

Domestic schemes offer better choices

Despite regulatory reforms and the introduction of real-time settlement systems, today’s payments industry still suffers from a litany of problems, many of which are related to the card-based technologies that…

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Digital payments boost GDP

The global informal economy (that is, legal income out of sight of the government and tax authorities) is substantial and comprises close to a quarter of global economic activity. Capturing…

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Digitizing gaps in the supply chain

According to the World Bank, 230 million financially excluded people still receive their wages in cash, and 235 million unbanked adults in developing countries receive cash for their agricultural products….

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