Keep paying for Google Ads with a credit card through Bluechain

James Thorpe
July 6, 2024

Keep paying for Google Ads with a credit card through Bluechain


From July2024, Google Ads will be phasing out credit card payments for certain (high-spend) advertisers, a significant shift impacting many small and large businesses. This change means a move to paying via your bank, impacting cashflow and removing the other benefits of using a credit card, for many businesses. Bluechain, a B2B payments platform, offers an powerful alternative to these challenges, allowing you to continue paying your Google Ads bills with a credit card.

What Are the New Google Ads Billing Changes?

Google Ads is moving away from traditional card payments, starting in July 2024, compelling businesses to move to Direct Debit (DD) or monthly invoicing. Google have explained that this shift is part of their ongoing effort to enhance payment security and streamline transactions. However this could cause significant challenges for many businesses.

Who is Bluechain and how can we help?

Bluechain is a payments platform that allows businesses to pay any invoice with a credit card, even if the supplier doesn’t accept them. Helping businesses to manage cashflow, leverage credit lines and maximise card reward points.

Using Bluechain to pay any supplier (inc. Google Ads) via credit card is simple:

  1. Sign up to Bluechain: Signing up is FREE and simple (here)
  2. Add your Google Ads invoice: Add your invoice details into your Bluechain account
  3. Pay with any card: Bluechain allows multiple payment methods and accepts all major credit cards (inc. Amex)
  4. Bluechain pays the invoice: Bluechain processes the payment and pays Google Ads via bank transfer

Why Choose Bluechain?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Bluechain’s intuitive platform and mobile app makes it easy for businesses to manage their payments
  • Payment flexibility: Add as many payment methods as you like and you can even split invoice payments across multiple payment methods if required
  • Secure: Bluechain is fully regulated and uses patented security to ensure that your financial details are never in danger of being compromised


The upcoming billing changes in Google Ads mark a pivotal shift in how advertisers handle their payments. Bluechain is an ideal solution, offering flexibility, security, and ease of integration. Embrace Bluechain to ensure a smooth transition and continue maximizing your Google Ads campaigns effectively.

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