Is Bluechain a good alternative to Billhop? The short answer is - YES

James Thorpe
April 8, 2024

Is Bluechain a good alternative to Billhop for small business users?

The simple answer is yes. Bluechain is a payments platform that gives small businesses control and flexibility over their invoice payments. Allowing it’s users to pay any invoice with a credit card (regardless of the supplier’s acceptance), split and schedule payments and automatically reconcile payments with your accounting software.

Unlocking Small Business Financial Freedom with Bluechain

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial solutions for small businesses, a significant shift has occurred with Billhop stepping away from catering to smaller enterprises. Once a platform for small businesseslooking to pay suppliers with a credit card and streamline invoice management, Billhop has now transitioned to focus exclusively on larger organizations. This leaves a void for the thousands of small businesses that relied on Billhop's services.

A comparison of Billhop vs Bluechain. If you're a small business that used to use Billhop, then Bluechain is here to support your payment needs. Pay any supplier with a credit card, and much more.t
Bluechain - Ideal for small businesses that used to use Billhop.

Bluechain: The solution for Former Billhop Users

Enter Bluechain, the perfect solution for businesses searching for a way to take control of their supplier payments, following Billhop's departure from the small business space. Bluechain not only continues the legacy of allowing businesses to pay suppliers with any credit card but enhances the payment experience with a myriad of features.

  • Visibility: Bluechain provides a single dashboard, simplifying invoice management and providing an intuitive hub to aid financial control
  • Cashflow Control: Small businesses thrive on liquidity, and Bluechain enables just that by facilitating payments to suppliers with any credit or debit card, irrespective of their acceptance policies
  • Payment Flexibility: Bluechain allows you to split payments where required and schedule them to be paid on a date of your choosing. So you can deal with them as soon as they come in and then get on with running your business
  • Process Automation: Bluechain can integrate seamlessly with accounting software, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency by pulling invoices into your dashboard and automatically reconciling when paid

In conclusion, Bluechain emerges as the go-to platform, seamlessly filling the void left by Billhop. Small businesses can now entrust Bluechain for their invoicing, supplier payments, and financial control needs, unlocking a new era of financial freedom.

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