Lowest transaction fees

Bluechain sets new benchmarks for cost, security and versatility. You get the lowest possible transaction fees no matter how the customer pays.

Accept any payment: nearby, online and remote

Bluechain merchants can accept payment in-store, online and over the phone from any Bluechain customer. With the optional card reader, you can also accept payment from anyone with a regular credit or debit card. You can even send eBills to your customers. The one simple and secure system works in all situations with all customers.

Supports all existing payment channels

Bluechain is the only truly universal payment system. Bluechain merchants can accept payments from any customer, via any channel, including payments on conventional debit and credit cards. But as a Bluechain merchant, you get the lowest possible transaction fees for every in-store, online and bill payment.

Avoid those high credit card fees

A Bluechain payment is a bank-to-bank transaction, so expensive credit card fees are avoided when a Bluechain merchant is paid by a Bluechain customer. And with online purchases, a Bluechain payment is treated by the merchant’s bank as a ‘card-present’ transaction, which attracts the lowest possible fees.

No expensive POS terminals

Bluechain can be installed on most iOS, Android and Windows devices and integrates with your existing POS software. So you won’t need any dedicated and expensive merchant hardware. And regardless of the device you install Bluechain on, your customers can use either an iOS or Android mobile or tablet to make their purchases. An entry-level app is also provided for smaller businesses that only need a basic set of POS functions.

No more charge-backs

Because every transaction must be approved by the account holder and every transaction is subjected to the highest levels of security, charge-backs are a thing of the past.

Low-fee online payments

Install the “Pay by Bluechain” plug-in and get the same low fees as any in-store payment. Every purchase by a Bluechain customer is treated as a card-present transaction, which attracts the lowest possible fees.

Low-fee bill payments

Register as a Bluechain merchant and start issuing eBills to your customers. Your customers see the eBill as just another payment request, which they pay with the same familiar app. And you get the lowest possible fees and real-time notifications whenever a customer pays their bill.

Bluechain channels


Send a payment request from your tablet via Bluetooth to a Bluechain customer in-store.


Install the “Pay by Bluechain” plug-in on your website to accept payments from any Bluechain customer.


Send eBills directly to a customer’s Bluechain app or via email or SMS to anyone.

More payment options

Attach a card-reader to accept payments through traditional card payment channels.
Merchants can also use the the full range of payment channels available to every Bluechain user.

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