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Use Bluechain for any payment, confident that your information is safe and you authorise every purchase.

Take control of all your payments

Bluechain gives you complete control of every payment. You approve every payment, so you can never be charged for services you have cancelled or bills you don’t agree with. You’ll never again need to cancel a card or close an account just to stop a payment. Set your own limits, set up automatic debits, reschedule payments, or cancel a recurring payment from your phone or PC. No more waiting on customer service phone queues. You are in control.

Getting started

Getting started with Bluechain is easy: install the free Bluechain app on your mobile, tablet or PC; complete the identity check; create an eCard and connect it to a bank account; verify you can access that account; and your eCard is ready to use.

Add eCards, devices and users

You can create as many eCards as you like on multiple devices and connect them to any regular bank account, debit card, or credit card. You can also create an eCard on a family member’s mobile phone, which accesses the same account. But each eCard is unique, you approve every payment, and you can disable any eCard on any device at any time.

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Stop the scammers and fraudsters

Bluechain’s innovative security solution protects your existing credit and debit cards, even when you pay on the internet or over the phone. Simply attach your existing cards and bank accounts to Bluechain and your information is safe. Bluechain protects all your cards and accounts, even if you lose your phone or wallet. And the peace of mind will cost you nothing.

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Safe to use everywhere

You can use your eCard to make any payment, anywhere. Send money direct to a friend’s bank account, pay in-store, pay online or over the phone, or pay bills. Everytime your eCard is used, you will be asked to approve the payment in the app. No one can use your account without your knowledge and approval.

You only need one card

You can also request a Bluechain GlobalCard, which allows you to make purchases anywhere a credit card is accepted. But unlike a credit card, your Bluechain GlobalCard is safe to use online and over the phone. Instead of a wallet full of cards, you only need one card to access every bank account and credit card you own.

One easy-to-use app for every type of payment

Pay in-store

When you receive a payment request in-store from a Bluechain merchant, select the eCard you want to pay with and approve the payment. For other merchants, use your GlobalCard.

Pay online

For sites with the “Pay by Bluechain” plug-in, enter your Bluechain ID, and when the request appears on your Bluechain app, select an eCard and approve the purchase. For other sites, enter your GlobalCard details.

Pay over the phone

When you receive a payment request from a remote Bluechain merchant, select the eCard you want to pay with and approve the payment. For other merchants, provide your GlobalCard details.

Send money

To send money to friends and family, select an eCard and the amount you want to send, then select a name from your contacts, confirm, and tap Send. If they aren’t already a Bluechain user, they will be invited to join.

Request payment

To request payment from another Bluechain user, select the eCard you want to receive the funds into and tap Send. The other party can be sitting next to you or anywhere in the world.

Pay any bill

When you receive and acknowledge an eBill or scan any printed invoice, a payment request is sent to your Bluechain app. You can then select an eCard and approve the payment or schedule payment for any date.

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