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Bluechain’s next-generation payments technology is creating new opportunities for banks, payment processors and service providers to grow their market share.

Bluechain eliminates the major causes of card fraud

Bluechain’s patented multi-factor security solution eliminates the most common forms of fraud on both card-present and card-not-present transactions. By securely binding the validated identities of both parties to the transaction details and the account-holder’s authorisation, every transaction has a unique signature, which cannot be reused or faked.

About Bluechain security

Target new markets with the latest mobile technologies

Bluechain’s mobile payments platform is ideally suited to geographies that don’t have an established payments infrastrusture. Our mobile pay-anyone, pay-me, bill-pay and phone-pay services work with any internationally recognised bank or RFC account. Customers aren’t required to hold a credit card or debit card to send or receive money. And, unlike PayPal, Bluechain isn’t a bank: we work with our banking partners by simplifying their payments services.

Low-cost customer and merchant acquisition

Bluechain removes many of the overheads involved with managing merchant accounts and customer cards. In doing so, Bluechain enables its partners to develop new, aggressively priced customer and merchant products, which cannot be matched by issuers and acquirers who rely on the existing card schemes.

Earn interchange fees on eCards

When a Bluechain eCard is used, the transaction is handled by the Bluechain payment processor. By controlling the payment, Bluechain is able to offer attractive interchange fees to its partner banks and service providers. To maximise your share of these fees, you need to hold a contract with Bluechain.

Fast-track PCI compliance

Get the jump on your competitors by meeting or exceeding your compliance requirements. Bluechain sets a new standard in payments security, ensuring compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Partnering with Bluechain

Secured by Bluechain

A Bluechain-secured card is the safest way to shop online. Bluechain applies the same high level of security to card-not-present online transactions that it does to card-present in-store purchases.  As a Bluechain partner, you’ll not only protect your customers from fraud, but also create new opportunities to attract new customers. And the more your customers use their Bluechain-secured cards, the lower your fraud risk and fraud costs will be.

Partnering with Bluechain

Bluechain is partnering with financial institutions and industry leaders around the globe. Contact us to find out how Bluechain can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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