Payment schemes

Redefining domestic payments around the globe

Take control of your domestic payments

Bypassing the international schemes for domestic payments delivers major cost savings. But history shows that domestic schemes must also support cross-border transactions to meet the needs of today’s highly mobile and connected consumer. Bluechain offers the best of both worlds: each domestic payment hub is locally managed and linked to an international backbone.

Foster financial inclusion and cash-lite economy

Bluechain’s mobile payments platform is ideally suited to geographies that don’t have an established payments infrastructure. Customers aren’t required to hold a credit card or debit card to send or receive money. By leveraging mobile technology, accessible to 5 billion adults across the globe, Bluechain gives the unbanked easy access to the financial system, promoting a cash-lite society and economic transparency. Banks can roll out payment solutions to merchants without expensive POS devices. The intuitive interface is accessible to merchants and consumers who have limited financial literacy.

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Protect data sovereignty

All account and card data can be domestically owned, maintaining data sovereignty and protecting domestic industries from foreign political interference via international schemes domiciled abroad.

Settle without a secure pipe

Bluechain secures the message, so settlements can be sent “in the clear”. This removes the need for costly point-to-point secure pipes. The privacy of transactions can be secured using standard (SSL2) systems without worrying about the security of the transaction.

Integrate and aggregate

Bluechain is unique in the payments landscape. Its open architecture allows Bluechain to integrate into almost any existing payment rails and aggregate multiple payment sources. In doing so, Bluechain adds a vast array of payment scenarios. Bluechain can be licensed by any payment processor, such as a bank or bank switch. Typically, most bank switches only push transactions. Yet the traditional payment process between a merchant and consumer is an integrated request/acceptance process commonly called a pull.

Bluechain enables push only gateways to integrate the request to pay with the acceptance process (the pull) and translate that into an authenticated and secure push. Bluechain technology ensures that the entire process is secure to the extent that while the request/acceptance transaction is being transmitted it cannot be interfered with in any way. Any man-in-the-middle attack or alteration of the transaction details will result in a failure to authenticate the payment.

Every transaction must be approved by the account holder

Simplify back-end processes by supporting them all on one platform.
Central banks and switches attempting to deal with a proliferation of payments by cards, mobile money and payment gateways will benefit from Bluechain’s single managed network.

Secure mobile payments on any open network

Bluechain’s innovative security solution eliminates the need for exposing cardholder data or bank account details during a transaction. The transmission of the transaction can be via any open network, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, without loss of security, creating a seamless payment experience.

Reduce fraud and data breaches

Bluechain eliminates the need to expose cardholder data during a transaction, including online, in-store, P2P and electronic bill payments. With Bluechain’s patented security technology, the identities of both parties and their account or card details are never revealed, during or after the transaction, providing the ultimate level of security.