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Harnessing technology for social good

Around the globe, technology is being harnessed for social good in many different ways. From addressing complex social issues to fighting hunger, technology can make a positive and sustainable change in peoples’ lives. In particular, the rapid spread of mobile technologies in developing countries is creating new opportunities to assist the unbanked to enter the financial system. At Bluechain we…

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It takes more than just a cute app

Innovations in mobile payment systems are rapidly changing consumer payment behaviours, creating opportunities for non-banking players to enter the digital payments industry. The global tech giants, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, in particular, are utilizing their formidable market reach and consumer behaviour know-how to reshape consumer expectations and the digital payments landscape. Millennials and Gen-Z display far less brand loyal…

Secure Trading

Bluechain joins Secure Trading network

Bluechain has signed an agreement with Secure Trading for payment gateway services, giving Bluechain access to their extensive acquirer network across Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Secure Trading is one of the world’s leading independent payment service providers and is integrated with banks all over the world. The Secure Trading partner program enables Bluechain to introduce customers…

Location Kenya

New fintech hits major milestone

Yesterday in Nairobi, Kenyan payment solution provider PesaPrint signed a licence agreement that will see Bluechain rolled out to over 5 million users in Kenya in the next 5 years. Under the licence agreement, PesaPrint will white-label the Bluechain payments app and will be responsible for in-country marketing to merchants and consumers. Apart from securing an important revenue stream in…

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Robin Halliday appointed CFO

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of experienced finance professional Robin Halliday as group Chief Financial Officer. Robin, who will be based in the UK, adds considerable depth to our senior management team as we prepare for the transition from start-up to operations in the coming months. Bluechain CEO Mike McAuley commented “Robin’s experience in both the public…


Going cashless: what are the barriers?

The race to cashlessness is being run around the globe, but at very different speeds. In the developed world, cash payments continue to decline. In some parts of Europe, shops, restaurants and bank branches even refuse to handle cash because of how little consumers use it. But in the developing world, cash payments commonly still account for over 90 percent…

Bluechain request-to-pay

Request-to-pay: a better a way to pay

In a survey of UK payments users (World Class Payments Report, Payments UK,, customers expressed the need for “more choice and control over the timing and method of their payments”. Payments UK identified four capabilities as priorities for giving customers more control, simpler access, better information and improved confidence in their payments. One of those priorities is request-to-pay (RtP),…


UK-Australia fintech agreement welcomed

The UK-Australia FinTech Bridge agreement, signed yesterday by Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison and the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, is good news for Australian and UK fintechs. The agreement provides a framework for governments, regulators, trade promotion agencies and industry bodies from the two countries to work together and drive fintech growth. The UK is one of Bluechain’s…

Authorised push payment (APP) fraud on the rise

The introduction of near-real-time payments in the UK, USA, EU and Australia has seen a sharp rise in authorised push payment (APP) fraud. APP fraud involves a deception in which the fraudster convinces an individual to make a payment under false pretences, typically by sending a convincing but fraudulent invoice or by diverting payment away from the legitimate service provider….

e-commerce fraud

Fraud in mobile payments continues to rise despite increased fraud prevention efforts by merchants

The Mobile Payments & Fraud 2017 Report sheds light on the current status of payments in the mobile channel from the merchant perspective. With over 800 merchants participating in the 2017 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey, spanning small and large merchants in every part of the globe, the survey provides a reliable and independent measure of trends in the mobile…